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I made StackOBlue Dessert Plates, each on the potter’s wheel.  With a flat form, a beaded rim, and slight foot.  Light weight, well-balanced, and sturdy.

Here we’re keeping it simple and true with a floating blue glaze I’ve used for 20 years plus.  It’s a glaze that gets lighter as the application gets thicker so layering is the name of the game.  And some streaks of light and blooms come from trailing a red gold glaze intuitively over the blue.  Adding a bit of poetry, if you like…or variation and interest to the surface.  After the plate is glazed, it’s fired to 2200 degrees F which makes it strong and durable.

Use StackOBlue Dessert Plates for pie, cake, creme brulee, or cookies.  Great for any divine dessert, but also use for cheese, crackers, or fruit.  Why  not for butter at the table or a small salad with dinner?  I think a sandwich would also fit nicely.  So many uses, and you’ll have a stack!  Each sits stable on the table and stores easily in your cupboard.  Each surface slightly different.

Dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe.

Makes a great thank you gift, house warming gift, holiday or birthday gift, or just anytime gift.

6” Dia. Sold as a set of 4.

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