Tempest Deep Dish Plate


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I made Tempest Deep Dish Plate on the potter’s wheel from an iron bearing stoneware clay. It has a flat bottom and sturdy rim.

I call this three part glaze application “Tempest” because it can be dramatic and wild like a storm out at sea.  First I dip half the plate in a floating blue glaze that I make.  Next I dip the other half in a purple matte glaze, which I also make.  I keep a gap between the two glazes because my next move is to pour a gold rust glaze over the gap tip it side to side.  The result is some overlap with the blue and the purple glazes.  And lastly, I daub red gold glaze here and there, like clouds, over the surface.  Each plate will have a slightly unique melding of the 3 glazes; but the overall effect is consistently stunning.

I fire all my dinnerware to at least 2200 degrees F so it’s durable, strong, and safe for dishwasher, microwave and oven.

Meal in a bowl?  Yes!  Serving bowl?  Sure!  Use for salads, snacks or sides as well.

Tempest Deep Dish Plate makes a great thank you gift, housewarming gift, holiday or birthday gift.  A set of 4 makes a great wedding gift.  Start your collection of dinnerware or add to an eclectic mix.  It all works.

Dishwasher and oven safe.

8.5-9″ diameter x 1″-1.5″ deep

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