Taos Square


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I made Taos Square using a drape mold.  First I rolled out a slap of stoneware clay. Then I “fitted” the clay to form of the drape mold and cut the off the excess clay.  After just a few minutes, I turn the square over and remove the mold.  Now it’s time to clean the edges and cover with plastic.  When it’s leather hard, I do some more clean up.  The tricky part is drying the square so it sits nice and flat and doesn’t warp.  After a few failures, I wrapped the square in newspaper.  This is a trick I use for plates as well.  The clay dries more evenly this way.

Taos is what I call the 4-glaze combination of floating blue, copper green, cream rust, and red gold.  I start by dipping half the tray in the floating blue.  Then the other half in the copper green.  Some cream rust here and there and finally rivers of red gold.  It looks like a Rorschach test before it goes in the kiln.  When it comes out, it looks often like a landscape; sometimes with fairies or animals.  In this case, I kinda see a leopard.

Use Taos Square as a dinner plate or as a tray.  Use it with Taos Teapot or to hold creamer, sugar, and salt and pepper shakers.  Display when it’s not in service. Makes a great wedding, housewarming, birthday or holiday gift.  Build your own set!

Dishwasher and oven safe.

9.5″ x 9.5″.  Flat bottom. One corner comes up ever-so-slightly and is easily remedied with a felt dot.  Medium weight.

Pair with Taos Finger Bowls