Tempest Oval Vase


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I made Tempest Oval Vase on the potter’s wheel from an iron bearing stoneware clay.  I started the form as a tall narrow cylinder with no bottom.  Next, I gently compressed the cylinder into an oval and then attached a floor.  I find the process quite pleasing and the result satisfying. The form feels comfortable and fitting in your hands.  And it’s stable.

Everything about this piece is strong.  The beaded rim, the oval belly, the subtle taper of the form.  I am using a bit of a wild glaze combo here:  Overlapping floating blue, purple, and red gold.  I like leaving a section of the red gold clear of the other two glazes, for contrast.  Plus, when the glaze is in its glory, as in this piece, there are subtle colors that come out in the firing.  I’ve been calling this combo ‘Tempest” because it is a bit wild!

Wow.  Tempest Oval Vase makes a great vase for any home.  Cut your favorite crop of flowers to suit the height of the vase and let the oval do the arrangement.  The presentation reminds me of a meadow somehow. A fist full of Irises or daffodils.  Any flowers would look stellar against the dynamic surface and bold colors of this vase.  Set off a shelf, table top, or nook with the poetic charm of this oval vase.  It’s decorative with or without an arrangement.

Great wedding, anniversary, birthday, housewarming gift too!

9″ High x 5″ Wide x 2″ Deep

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